Vecinos, We Are Neighbors

Vecinos / Neighbors

Somos vecinos means we are neighbors in Spanish. We strive to be good neighbors to the farmworkers in our communities and we hope for a safe place to work and live for all agricultural workers in our country.

Our Mission

Vecinos is a medical home for farmworkers in western North Carolina. We improve the lives of farmworkers and their families by offering mobile medical services, health education, connections to community resources, along with advocating for farmworker rights.

Take Action

Farmworkers feed the world! We are grateful for the work that they do. Join us in our efforts to bring better health and living conditions to the folk who plant and harvest our food. Whether you can donate, volunteer, or host an event, there are numerous ways to support our mission.

What our farmworkers are saying...

Si me duele la espalda. Andamos agachados todos los dias.
[Yes, my back hurts. We work bent over every day.]
-- Migrant Farmworker in Haywood County

Esto no es una vida, es una carcel.
[This is not a life. It’s more like living in a jail.]
-- H2A worker from Guanejuato, Mexico in Macon County

Uno no espera tener servicios gratuitos, que mas podria pedir. Vienen preparados y nos dan medicamentos.
[One doesn’t have to wait to get free services. What else could you ask for? They come prepared and give us medicine.]
-- H2A worker speaking about Vecinos, Macon County