Current Clinic

Future Clinic

The mobile clinic is our flagship service, providing primary and mental health care to a migrant farmworker population that otherwise would not have healthcare access. However, our current clinic limits our ability to serve patients at full capacity. A new mobile clinic would allow us to expand services and offer a more private care setting.


Our current clinic is cramped, open to the elements with no heat or air conditioning, and barely space for a provider, cart of medicine, and a patient crouched over one another.

The inside of the mobile clinic provides a separate space, away from roommates and other farmworkers, to seek medical care. However, there is barely enough space for both a medical provider and a patient. The exam table does not accommodate larger patients and the type of exams a provider can conduct on it are very limited due to the cramped nature.

The current clinic has room for one provider at a time, meaning mental health services are offered outside and oftentimes away from the rest of the outreach team in order to provide privacy to the patient, which violates our safety protocols for staff.

The fall, winter, and spring in the mountains can be very cold, limiting the services we can offer on our current mobile clinic. In order to serve the farmworkers, medical providers sometimes provide services in the farmworker’s homes.

Our current clinic cannot accommodate the space needed for nursing encounters and blood work. We set up a folding table and conduct blood work and individualized health education in the open air.

Health educators spend time with patients one-on-one and in small groups to discuss a myriad of health topics. With a new mobile clinic, we would be able to supplement that health education with videos in a more private setting.

Patients have to crawl into the mobile clinic and crouch on the black jump seat in front of the exam table. The provider sits on the brown rolling stool, often invading patients’ personal space. A new clinic would allow for a reception area.

Limited storage space requires outreach workers to constantly stock and change our current mobile clinic. Processing patient files and medication, and ensuring proper tools for providers is time consuming and could be streamlined on a new clinic with more appropriate space and safety features.