Future Clinic

Future Clinic

The mobile clinic is our flagship service, providing primary and mental health care to a migrant farmworker population that otherwise would not have healthcare access. However, our current clinic limits our ability to serve patients at full capacity. A new mobile clinic would allow us to expand services and offer a more private care setting.


A new clinic would accommodate multiple rooms, be sealed for patient confidentiality and privacy, and have a standard clinical set up including space, exam tables, lighting, and heating/cooling.

Our current mobile clinic has an exam table that is not adequately accessible. Providers and patients are uncomfortable using it because of its cramped nature and limited privacy. A new mobile clinic would allow for rooms with sliding doors and walls to ensure patient privacy and more comprehensive exams as well as space for a provider to organize tools and charts for an exam.

A new mobile clinic would allow for space dedicated to private mental health encounters. Mental health is a culturally taboo topic for many farmworkers, so privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to seeking the care needed. In a recent Vecinos Farmworker Advisory Council meeting, mental health services were listed as the top priority for farmworkers in our service region.

A restroom would allow for private collection of urine samples.

During our 2nd visit to a camp, a registered nurse completes health education on substance abuse, tobacco use, body mass index, and general health concerns. The nurse completes point of care labs during this visit, including a full lipid panel, A1C, urine, pregnancy, HIV, rapid blood glucose, and hemoglobin. We currently do not use the mobile clinic during this visit because of lack of space in the clinic, so the nurse completes these tasks often with many people privy to the information being gathered. A new mobile clinic would afford the space to conduct these screenings and education in private.

Health education is a central part of Vecinos’ services. Outreach workers are trained specifically in agricultural health and focus education on the needs of farmworkers. Having several ways to share health education with patients is vital to ensuring the information is retained. A new mobile clinic would include televisions and DVD players to allow for health education videos and presentations.

When entering the mobile clinic, patients will have a comfortable and private space for consultations, assessments, and to wait for exam or lab results.

A new mobile clinic would offer secure storage of medication, tools, patient files, and supplies.