Vecinos believes in reaching out to offer the support and care that all people deserve.


Donations from individuals go into our unrestricted funds and are often the funds we use to help our local families when they are going through hard times. Your dollars can help a family get on their feet again after an unexpected fire, after a week of sick kids and doctor bills, or after a natural disaster, for example. Your donation goes so far for a family in need and we wouldn’t be able to provide all the services that we do if we didn’t have your support, so, in advance, thank you.


We offer competitive, paid internships for summer and fall semesters for Western Carolina University students. Depending on interests and qualifications, the internship is flexible in assignment and language requirements.

We also offer flexible, unpaid internships throughout the year and are willing to work with you to fulfill needed class credit or specific job experience.


We are not accepting new volunteers at this point. Please check back in January 2021 for volunteer opportunities.